When I'm not concepting, writing, eating, napping, or getting injured, I make infographics to solve my problems. Most of my problems involve food. Or crappy airlines.

How I will get a job in advertising.

I was asked to come up with a plan on how I would get a job after I graduated from Miami Ad School. So I made a flow chart. Click on the image to expand. It’s pretty long.

Delta Airlines presents: How to not win customer service awards.

All I'm going to say that the bulk of a Delta experience isn't on the plane. Click on the image below to expand. It’s pretty wide.

Bay Area Produce.

Buying seasonal produce means buying cheaper and more delicious produce. There is also the carbon footprint argument, but I'll be honest: what I care about the most is saving money and making delicious food. Click on the image to expand.

Commercially available chili peppers, from least to most spicy.

There's an infographic waiting to be made on how I always rub my eyes after chopping chilies. Click on the image to expand.